Summer Camp

This camp is all about fun with basic arts and crafts.

Join Us for Summer camp fun!

Since 1970, Shawville kids have enjoyed an action packed summer with us.  Summer memories include day trip adventures, games, sports, swimming, crafts and fun-filled days.  Camp kids are happy kids.  Our staff of local teens and adult coordinators are well trained and dedicated to FUN!

Our experienced art teachers provide a variety of creative activities using assorted materials such as pastels, coloured pencils, watercolour paints, foam sheets, googly eyes, beads, fabric paint, and more! Our awesome teachers provide lots of encouragement, guidance and inspiration. At the end of the week, campers will have a portfolio of wonderful projects to take home.

Rules of the Recration Association

  • NO running in the RA
  • Absolutely NO Eggs, peanuts or tree nuts
  • Zero Tolerance for fighting – if a child is involved in a physical altercation they will be sent home.
  • No electronics unless specifically specified (see schedule)
  • No toys from home (soccer balls, ball gloves, skipping ropes, etc. are accepted) 
  • No sharing lunches or snacks
  • No kids are permitted in the Kitchen unless with a counselor
  • No touching the emergency exit
  • No pop, chips or candy

Healthy snacks for morning snack (please pack at least TWO healthy snacks a day!)

Kids are permitted to play at the play structure only when a counselor is present

Please do not bring/send valuable items…RA is not responsible for lost/stolen items

Freezies will be sold on Wednesdays and Fridays for 50 cents each.

Drop off is 8am-9am – please ensure that your child arrives during this time. If you are going to be late or unable to attend on any given day please contact us at 819-647-3086

Every child must have running shoes to participate in sporting activities


Water bottles Running shoes and socks Change of clothes Bathing Suit Towel Sunscreen/hat

Welcome to the Program!

Please help our Staff with the following registration / payment requests so that their main focus and time can stay with the kids:
Register/pay between 8:00 – 9:00 daily Monday thru Thursday. (Not on trip Fridays please )
Keep Program payments and trip payments separate
Receipts for Program fees will always be issued when paid by cash, for simplicity, please consider paying mostly by cheque.
A tax receipt will be mailed after the Program, please keep it in a safe place for tax time

If you require any assistance please see Tara first (819) 647-8121

For any further questions contact: Kerry (819) 647-6549 Program
Wendy (819) 647-2011 – Registration/payments
**RA will be closed for the Civic Holiday AUG. 6th 2018**